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If your Loved One had dental related health problems

Would You Know It?

Providing dental hygiene treatment plans that considers disease prevention a priority in achieving optimal health.

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Assess, plan and implement individualized daily oral care plans. Providing dental hygiene treatment plan that considers disease prevention a priority in achieving optimal health.


Hands-on training with primary care givers on how to provide daily oral hygiene care of teeth and dentures. Professional communication with primary care givers, dietitians, doctors, nurse practitioners and referrals to dentists, denturists and oral maxillofacial surgeons


Scaling and polishing of teeth, Professional denture cleanings, Temporary restorations, Fluoride treatments, Desensitization of teeth


Our services are provided in the comfort of your home/long-term care facility and are accessible to all residents


We individualize oral health care needs and make that care accessible for everyone!

Through experience, we have discovered a real need for professional dental assessment and cleaning. Many loved ones who are unable to convey their dental pain to their caregivers and/or family members are left suffering with gum disease, cavities, abscesses and other oral pathologies.

Often, abnormal behaviour can be an indication of dental related illnesses such as not eating, finger biting, and depression, just to name a few. We are very passionate about our work and determined to make preventative dental hygiene care accessible to everyone.